Once you get your initial setup done, however - you'll be using the front of the remote 95% of the time. New for 2018, the S550e is an upgrade to the line that is known for its high-quality, streamlined design, and features. Yep, I’m in a relationship now, and I’m not afraid to say it (even if it requires a few euphemisms to describe just how the relationship works in polite company). And I found myself bragging about it to my friends (who, to their credit, responded with appropriate jealousy). In fact, someone with only slightly more than an “assembling-IKEA-furniture” level of handiness can probably self-install. The spray feature has been improved for better cleaning. This lets you adjust the settings for the power saving feature that limits energy consumption when the unit is not in use. While the wash spray is sufficient for most, those looking for a stronger spray might want to consider the BB 2000 from Bio Bidet. Choose Personal Setting and then you can select Register 1 or Register 2, and then you will be able to select the preferred water pressure, water temperature and nozzle position settings for each user preset.What might I be missing with this bidet seat compared to others?Before you make a decision on any new purchase, most people will take a moment to go beyond all the selling points of a particular product and look at what that product might be missing compared with other brands or models. You can press it again and the nozzle will go back to a stationary position. But for the things we dare not talk about, this method has inexplicably been assumed to suffice. So the toilet lights up for you when you walk towards it, and dims when you walk away. If there’s a tiny quibble with the s550e, it’s that the dryer could be more powerful and work faster. TCF4913EU, TCF4913U TCF4903EU, TCF4903U TCF4911EU, TCF4911U The TOTO WASHLET S550e is operated by a luxury style illuminated touch activated remote with 2 user memory to save preferred settings. If having a sittable lid is important, the Brondell Swash 1400 would be a good option. Pressing this will automatically raise the toilet seat so you don’t need to manually raise the lid. With other bidet seats, the lid only covers the seat-portion of the unit, leaving the back of the unit (and its indicator lights) exposed. On the back of the remote, you can adjust more advanced features such as the eco-power saving modes and strength of the air dry fan. Pressing this will automatically raise the toilet seat so you don’t need to manually raise the lid. But you can continue reading below for some additional background on this bidet seat. Toto Washlet E200 Installation Instructions 4 pages. Almost immediately, I felt like I missed my robotic friend who took such good care of my nether regions. Also available, is a "wide" spray function which sets a larger radius for increased coverage. TOTO has been manufacturing bidet toilet seats since 1980. A body sensor detects when you're approaching the toilet and will raise the lid for you. TOTO A100 Bidet Toilet Seat– Best Value; 3. And for men - tapping the button on top of the remote will raise the seat too. The water temperature and seat temperature can also be turned off by pressing the left arrow button until it says OFF. Instruction Manual WASHLET Thank you for your recent purchase of the product. With nearly 40 years of washlet manufacturing experience, TOTO is widely considered as one of the best, most reliable brands in the bidet seat industry. The all new TOTO S550e Washlet is TOTO's newest bidet toilet seat offering, replacing the previous generation TOTO S350e. The washlet is operated by a wireless remote control that is two-sided, with the most commonly used buttons on the front side and less often used features and settings adjustments located on the back side of the remote. The WASHLET features 5 spray settings, dryer, air purification, auto open and close lid, heated seat, a nightlight, and instantaneous water heating. There is also an "oscillate" function which automatically moves the nozzle back and forth, extending the cleaning area. Toto s550e, you really do get me. Instruction Manual WASHLET Thank you for your recent purchase of this product. For example, you might have heard the TOTO S550e being called the TOTO SW3056#01. Who is the TOTO Washlet S550e best for?If you are new to bidet toilet seats you might take a look at all of the different models and feel like there are too many options to go through without getting overwhelmed. As you might expect, you will use this to stop all features that are currently in operation. You wouldn’t have to touch around blindly in the dark. Home Brands TOTO What are the Differences Between TOTO WASHLET+ Systems? Here in this section, we will tackle the TOTO Washlet S550e and why it may be the right choice for you. One last button we’ll mention here is actually located on the top end of the remote control. Available in Cotton White and Sedona Beige. And even better – it’s hands free! The back of the TOTO Washlet S550e remote has a small display screen and below the screen is a keypad of buttons to navigate through the display screen. Be sure to read this Instruction Manual before using your product and keep it in a safe place for future reference. the TOTO Washlet. NX2 13. The main unit may dislodge and fall whereby causing injury. NX1 14. But aside from brand loyalty, the S550e comes equipped with some unique features that make it the best seat for some people. Several other models offer three year warranties or have options for extended warranties. The TOTO S550e washlet comes in your choice of two styles, "Contemporary" or "Classic" - which determines the type of lid your bidet seat comes with. Once you get underneath the lid though, everything else is the same. The first time we saw each other, it was across a darkened room. The warm water jets not only clean much better than paper ever could, but the device keeps your toilet cleaner and your bathroom smelling better. When done washing, activate the hands-free warm air dry to help dry off any residual moisture from your wash. And the best part? (Coincidentally, he first sold it right around the corner from my current apartment.). The fourth item in the main menu is for selecting the language in which the text on the display screen will appear. You can adjust the nozzle across five positons for both the posterior and feminine wash. And you’ll probably be a willing slave to its charms. The lid uses a sensor and automatically opens when you approach the toilet. This helps prevent your three-year old toddler from accidentally activating the spray. The TOTO WASHLET S550e SW3056#01 is an elongated bidet seat in a lustrous cotton white finish with a unique, modern design that will surely complement your bathroom decor. For the automatic opening and closing lid function, you can adjust the amount of time before the lid closes or will open again after it has closed, and you can turn the function completely off you you like. The TOTO Washlet S550e (SW3056,. S500e Washlet 4. The lid uses a sensor and automatically opens when you approach the toilet. Both water pressure and water temperature can be adjusted. And I could have sworn I heard the toilet seat giggle a little at my dad joke as the soothing night light came on and the lid opened to welcome me home. But the real test came when I had to go away for a week on some work travel. You just attach the Washlet to the existing cold water supply to your toilet tank, and plug it in. Two different looks, but the same great washlet underneath. Flush valve (68 pages) Plumbing Product Toto EcoPower Standard Installation And Owner's Manual… These non-wash features are what really makes the TOTO S550e a "smart" toilet seat. The buttons on the front of the long slim TOTO S550e remote run up and down basically in one vertical column and are marked with small symbols rather than text, so we will just go button-by-button from the top to the bottom. The first thing that people often notice about the TOTO S550e is its higher price compared with other seats. Enter Toto. Get $200 Off a Toto Washlet/Bidet Toilet Seat and Installation. S350e Washlet 6. A lot of people may look at this feature, roll their eyes, and think it’s not that hard to put the seat/lid up. Our Complete, 3 Step Guide to Selecting the Perfect Unit ... Filter Options . The "Contemporary" lid has a cleaner, minimalist look while the "Classic" lid is busier - with beveled edges going around the contour of the lid. The WASHLET features 5 spray settings, auto open and close lid, heated seat, a nightlight, and instantaneous water heating. The bidet has a tankless, on-demand water heater built right into the seat which provides a continuous warm water wash.  You can adjust the position of the spray by adjusting the position of the wash nozzle more forward or backward. TOTO's leading washlet now comes in two styles - "Contemporary" and "Classic" which features a different look in the style of the lid, to better match consumer tastes. The automatic opening and closing lid plus the e-Water sanitizing feature add an extra level of luxury to this fully featured model from a leader in the industry. First you will see a Minus (-) button on the left side and a Plus (+) button to the right. Once you’ve done things the way you should have all along, it’s pretty tough to give up. Probably the function you are most likely to use from the Other Settings category is for setting the two user presets. AC 13. The TOTO Washlet+ S550e (SW3056AT40 / SW3054AT40) is TOTO's most luxurious bidet seat designed exclusively for use with their T40 Washlet+ toilets. Some of the buttons previously found on the sides of the remote have been moved to the front for easier operation.