Sort By: Name | Popularity. Various K Factors: 11 in Width (In.) 4) In section Coefficient of Friction either select one lubrication condition (faster and surface combination) with the "Select Friction condition" option or enter manually or let the default value in the right part of the page, once you have selected Unknown option. Select the bolt diameter, thread series and ISO 898-1 Property Class from the drop down for which you have to measure the torque. Related Topics . Fasteners - Bolts, nuts and threaded rods - torque, tension and loads; Related Documents . That figure is about right for a low tensile bolt. The typical minimum recommended value is 1.5 times the major bolt diameter. Metric . Calculators categories: * Converters are used for converting different units of measure, such as lengths, hardnesses, pressures etc. Bolt Torque Calculator - Calculate required bolt torque; Improvised Torque Wrench - Improvised torque wrench with luggage scale; ISO 724 - Metric Threads - Dimensions of metric threads according ISO 724; Metric Bolt Head and Wrench Size - ANSI/SO, DIN and JIS bolts 8 1/2 in Depth (In.) The "M" designation for metric screws indicates the nominal outer diameter of the screw, in millimeters (e.g., an M6 screw has a nominal outer diameter of 6 millimeters). 5) Click on button calculate, and the calculated torque will appear below. Your coefficient will depend on the material of your bolt/nut, the type of lubrication (or, rarely, the lack of lubrication) and the size of the bolt. Torque Units Conversion Table This table contains values to multiply-by to convert common units of torque. These estimated torque values are derived from the standard torque formula Torque = KDF utilizing a standard "free-spinning" nut (non-locknut) with a proof strength equal to or greater than the tensile strength of the bolt. If you introduce the screw standard and thread size you will have the link to the recommended 3D models tools in order to check the required space to apply torque and to remove the screw. Click on info button for more info. mm These formulae may be used for bolts outside the range of … $Note 2:$ In the case of do not know the constact surfaces material the calculator will assign a friction coefficient of 0,1 (($\mu$) is 0,1). The above calculators can not be copied or reproduced without written permission from FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc. © 1998–2020 FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc. All rights reserved. Torque is the amount of force applied on the bolt. 1) Installation torque and clamp load are calculated using the proof load for the class bolt and nut specified multiplied by 0.75 for a factor of safety and multiplied by 0.85 to account for material removal for the locking mechanism. Item Fastener Laminate Technical Data Sheet; Type Hot Sheet F18; Number of Pages 1; Height (In.) The distance that the two THREADED regions engage. Bolt Torque Calculator A fastener with threads is called as bolt. Bolts that are fully or partially threaded, with washers and nuts are called as metric bolts. Hex-Drive Rotary Torque Sensors are typically used to verify screw spindles and torque measurements of power driven tools. Screw The calculated values are the maximum recommended values, based on 90% of yield. Use for axial load applications. This application is utilizing FUTEK’s TDF Torque Sensor to verify the precision of a torque wrench. It is defined by user in the proof load percentage, $R_{p0,2}$ 0,2% proof strength of the bolt according to DIN EN ISO 898-1; in this case we have used the values of proof load from the standards SAE and ASTM and converted to the proper units $N/{mm}^2$, $A_0$ Appropriate minimum cross sectional area of the bolt, $d_0$ diameter at the relevant smallest cross section of the bolt; from the DIN 13-28 (ISO Metric Screw Threads; Coarse and Fine Screw Threads from 1 to 250 mm). A t. kN. Nut Factors are generalized averages that may vary greatly given all of the variables in any bolted joint, but are useful in approximating theoretical torque values. torque chart . (These calculations are in metric units, the TORQUE program can also work in units of inches and pounds and work with the unified thread form.) Visit the "How a Load Cell Works" page! For ease-of-use, try the Torque Units Conversion Calculator. Metric bolt torque calculator according to VDI 2230 standard for shank bolts with metric standard thread according to ISO 262; hexagonal bolts according to DIN EN ISO 4014 to 4018, hexalobular external driving head bolts according to DIN 34800 or cylindrical bolts according to DIN EN ISO 4762 and hole ”medium“ according to ISO 273 (DIN EN 20273). Load applied to either the bolt or tapped unit. They are of two types, metric flange bolts and metric hex bolts. It is a function of the materials' frictional characteristics, which are based on surface finish, coatings and so on. See also this calculator and this table. Metric . Click on info button for more info. Grade 8 hex head. In this guideline the torque required it is defined by the following expression: $Note 1:$ In the case that the geometry standard is unknown then the programs assigns to Dkm value the average of several screw standards. SAE and Metric Fastener Torque Specifications Rev A July 2016 . T = wrench torque (Nm, lbf ft) K = constant that depends on the bolt material and size. ; Torque extension for setting correct values; Torque tension to identify precise levels of torque … Bolt Data: Size: ... K Factor is a torque coefficient between bolt and receptacle. Mean diameter of bearing face of bolt head or nut relevant for frictional torque $$D_{km}=\frac{d_w+D_{a}}{2}$$ Therefore in above formula $$D_w$$ is the maximum diameter of friction surface of bolt head and $$D_a$$ is the minimum diameter of friction surface of bolt head 0.015 in Language English; Provides Bolt Heads And Nuts, Common Workshop Screw , Tensile Strength Comparison Chart, Tightening Torque Values For Metric Coarse And Fine Bolts; For Use With Fastener Ref., Fastener Tech Info, Threaded/Non-Threaded Fasteners Recommended values: 75 % proof load for nonpermanent connections and reused fasteners. Insert screw characteristics and calculate torque and the tool 3D model will be showed. The relation between applied torque and axial force - or load - in a bolt can be calculated in this general equation as. Torque Metric Conversion Calculator. kN. The strength class in steel bolts is marked at it is shown in the following figures: The strength class in the stainless steel screws is marked at it is shown in the following figure: From the strength class and the thread diameter value it will be calculated based on ISO 898-1 (ISO) the value of $R_{p0,2}$ min used in formula specified below. First, it’s helpful to understand that torque is a rotational force that is equal to a linear force times the distance … Bolt Torque Calculator The calculator below can be used to calculate the torque required to achieve a given axial bolt force or load. The bridge resistance of the wheatstone bridge within your sensor. Length of engagement. LUBED: DRY. Mach. Torque Conversion Calculator You can use this free torque conversion calculator to easily convert a range of torque measurement units including pound-force inches, Newton meters, kilogram-force centimeters, ounce-force inches, kilogram-force meters, among others. T = K x D x P. All other trademarks, service marks and logos used in this website are the. Proof load used for Class 10 calculation is 830 N/mm 2. Norbar has devised easy-to-use online calculators that support the correct application of torque in three key areas: Unit conversion to assist international measurement definitions. THREAD: ft-lbs Nm ft-lbs Nm ft-lbs Nm 9/16 . The proof load itself is usually 85% to 95% of a bolt’s yield strength, but the clamp load is significant because it is what ultimately provides the clamping pressure. TORQUE CONVERSION - Ft. Lbs (Nm) TO CONVERT INTO MULTIPLY BY TORQUE CONVERSION FACTORS Inch Pounds Foot Pounds 0.0835 Inch Pounds Newton Meters 0.1130 Inch Pounds Kg Meters 0.0115 Inch Pounds Kg Centimeters 1.1519 Foot Pounds Inch Pounds 12.000 Foot Pounds Newton Meters 1.3560 Foot Pounds Kg Meters 0.1382 Foot Pounds Kg Centimeters 13.8240