Our policy is to offer a quality service at a reasonable price with quick turn-a-round. experience reduced heat resistance. I'm looking for recommendations on shops that do quality melonite/nitride treatment. The process is Our metal processing experts work with OEMs and industries including medical, oil and gas, military, firearms, gear manufacturing and more. searching for dependable services for a single barrel or starting a commercial Coating Services - Over 40 Years Of Experience. you compare phosphate vs nitride, this inexpensive option is used in military If you need more information about barrel nitriding or other steel treatment services, discuss your options with our team today. either salt bath or nitrocarburizing options. This is contained in a steel pot that has an aeration system. These two factors regarding phosphate vs nitride barrel alone make phosphate less desirable than nitride for many gun owners and commercial manufacturers. Melonite. "Melonite™ and Melonite QPQ™ are thermochemical processes intended for the case hardening of iron based metals. We provide paint striping for metal components and equipment using various methods, including chemicals, blasting, and furnaces. The salt … Salt-bath nitrocarburizing by Melonite process has been applied in a wide range of industries throughout the world for many decades. Custom gunsmithing, milling services, custom assembled products, finishes and engraving are all performed AFTER your order is placed with us. It is used to improve the wear resistance, the fatigue strength, and corrosion resistance of components made from steel, cast iron, and sintered iron materials. The Melonite QPQ process is commonly used for gears, valves, pumps, axles, and hydraulic system components. So, between Phosphate, Melonite, Nitride, and Stainless (just to throw it in there too) which is better? I am just looking to build a spare rifle, nothing fancy. To resolve issues commonly experienced in severe environmental conditions, processes such as Melonite QPQ are used to: Enhance corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, and toughness. Work with Specialty Steel Treating today to discover why I found info for one guy on the site but it was dated quite a … Wear is a major factor limiting the performance and service life of precision tools. This allows you to enjoy corrosion During the process, which takes place between 900F and 1075F, the metal surface is enriched with nitrogen and carbon. Nitriding can offer corrosion resistance to low and medium Coating Services. nitriding service. Q. Bernex™ CVD. Services include: polishing, buffing, aqueous part washing, clear coating, lacquering, powder coating, and plating. relationship for all your manufacturing needs, find out how you can benefit Melonite occurs as trigonal crystals, which cleave in a (0001) direction. Robar Industries. Melonite/Nitriding is a heat treating process done to steel and a few other metals. It is used on firearms and also on automotive parts and other applications. In our business, you can't always wait for a decision, a change or a result. Coating can be duplexed with sublayers or topcoats to enhance specific properties customers may desire. Location doesn't really matter as long as it's in the continental U.S. Thread starter Westhunder; Start date Jul 23, 2018; 1; 2; Next. Craftguard celebrated its "50th Anniversary" in 2014. 1 of 2 Go to page. These services are available on an industrial production basis as well as on an individual custom … nitriding offers competitive corrosion resistance. Metal paint stripping is used to remove paint and organic coatings from alloys such as steel and aluminum. While some features and specifications may vary slightly, Melonite is not a coating, will not wear away, and provides a higher level of protection than hard chrome, nickel, and similar metal plating methods. Melonite QPQ Process The Melonite QPQ process is a multi step process that provides a very uniform consistent nitride layer on your components. Automotive & Transportation . resistance during normal use. This makes it more difficult to clean a phosphate coated rifle and requires more lubrication. Hardcut™ Crosscut™ Maximizer. A discussion started in 2004 but continuing through 2018 --> 2004. The service life of steel tools and parts is extended. I am often involved in arguments regarding the these two finishes on Smith & Wesson and Walther forums. Processes for stainless steels, alloy steels & tool steels. and cast and sintered iron. many advantages. We use the Melonite and QPQ processes to change the molecular structure of a surface to increase resistance to galling and scuffing. MAD Black Plus is stronger, more corrosive resistant and more abrasive resistant than our standard MAD Black. MAD Custom Coating remains on the cutting edge of technology for protective and functional finishes. Getting one in stainless will make easy to tell one from the other. Manganese Phosphate. Contact us today to learn more about our Melonite QPQ and paint stripping services. Melonite is also called Tenifer by Glock. be applied to both the barrel and bolt carrier group for rugged rifle If it's not I apologize, and Mods, please move it to the appropriate place. Opportunity. This includes dehorning, bead blasting and polishing when applicable. Coating Portfolio. Another popular barrel treatment is phosphate coating. Receive industry-leading barrel nitriding services, case hardening and steel heat treatment services today. PVD coating service also. nitriding and polishing creates a black coating that is resistant to corrosion Burlington Engineering’s metal processing capabilities include Melonite™ QPQ, metal paint stripping and media blasting for a range of industries. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. similar materials. Optimizer™ Plus. First, phosphate coating typically increases friction among bolt carrier groups. It exhibits predictable and repeatable results in the treating of carbon steels resulting in superior corrosion and wear properties as well as increasing rotating fatigue strength. References. Whether you choose one of our diffusion treatments, one of our DLC coatings or one of our PVD coatings, Northeast Coating Technologies offers a full range of solutions to meet your needs. from this premier service. We work with various types of abrasive blasting media, including glass beads, steel grit, soda, and more. See each individual product description for the expected lead time on these types of items or contact us for an … Tetrabond™ Plus . carbon steel, stainless and austenitic steel, alloy steel, tool and die steels This coating is 85 percent more resistant to corrosion than a hard chrome finish and results in a gray or black color. Austrian firearms manufacturer Glock Ges.m.b.H uses the Tenifer process on the slides and barrels of its handguns. Ensure you choose a quality barrel Craftguard’s objective is to provide a problem-free metal finishing service for our customers. ISO 9001:2015, AS 9100 Rev.D certified Melonite, also referred to as Tenifer or Tufftride, are identical processes that use a nitrogen-rich molten salt bath in order to significantly improve wear, corrosion resistance,and fatigue strength of steel parts. They’ve fed two M&P15 Sport test rifles a combined ~170,000 rounds of various brands of ammunition without any [visible] damage to the Melonite finishing process. We provide in-house paint stripping and media blasting services at our California facility with a variety of equipment specialize in removing powder coatings and other paint-based residues. In recent years, the firearms field has seen the introduction of revolutionary new metal coatings and surface treatments that deliver unprecedented levels of corrosion protection, wear resistance and reliability. Coating Selection. Burlington Engineering, Inc. provides metal processing solutions for a range of industries and serves customers in California and throughout the U.S. Without getting too technical, It is a heat treatment that hardens the metal without adding another layer to the material, like chrome lining does. I can accept that, but know nothing about these new coatings/treatments being used. Melonite is a thermochemical treatment for improving surface properties of metal parts. applications due to its low cost and extreme durability. Corrosion resistance of unalloyed and low alloyed steels is greatly improved.