Bleach is drying, and dry hair is more susceptible to damage from heat and styling. It pulled all of the purple out, but now the roots to mid length are kind of a white gray color. Anyway, after resting the hair for 2 months (no henna), I did a strand test with some gentle perm color (Naturcolor--I think it's 3% peroxide), and nothing--no change whatsoever on the length/ends. It's better to mix a /2 with a /1 rather than using it by itself unless your hair is very red though, as the green tone produces a very murky and strange looking blonde colour if you overdo it. If there is no lighter regrowth, apply bleach to the roots about 10 - 15 minutes into the process and continue to process until maximum process duration is reached for your bleach brand or it has lightened to a bright orange colour (Whichever comes first). Simply mix up some bleach powder and 20 volume peroxide in a 1:1 ratio and add the same amount again in shampoo. How To Bleach Bath. It is used primarily to remove or reduce color from fabric prior to dyeing, creating a blank canvas for dyeing to a true color. To prepare a bleach bath, you can start by mixing bleach powder and peroxide up as usual. I've used One color at a time, just lightening it more instead of just touching up my roots. There was no warmth at all anywhere at that stage. It's not strong enough to have an effect because the amount of colour deposited isn't enough to neutralise the darker warmth. Thank you so much Maffew! Can I do a bleach bath with 1 part bleach, 2 parts 40 vol diluted with distilled water, and 1 part shampoo? If your hair is already level 6, this won't darken it or have any overly noticeable effect on the colour because the dye used to fill it is intentionally lighter and only used to replace the missing base tone that serves as the foundation for the darker colour. This will even it all up and take it all to a light brown that is roughly neutral and the same depth. Lol. I only left on for 10minutes but I got the black out. Doing so will lead to a very intense , possibly greyish or blueish result. Also, I'm sorry to hear about your illness and hope you're heading towards recovery. After using the color remover oops on my steel, purple and blue turned blueish green hair that I had cover brown ( unsuccessfully because the green is still there) I now have dark blonde and green. At this point I'm unsure whether to dye it or a bleach bath with a 10 vol developer...learned from you that t18 won't help me, is a t9 better? I have researched the bleach bath but my question is should I first try a box colour remover first before the bleach bath to get the best result? It's light enough that I thought my purple shampoo would pull it out but it's not getting the yellow out and it's making the white parts grey which is making it more uneven looking. You'll need to be careful with the use of this shampoo over the highlights though, because these are lighter hair and will grab onto that blue tone. In others words, the amount of shampoo should equal the amount of bleach and developer COMBINED. To get around this in lighter hair, you can fill your hair first, or because there's about a 2 level difference you may be able to do it without filling using a natural tone dye, mixed with a small amount of gold and copper to keep it balanced as it darkens. It's a gentler way to get the color you want, yet it will still keep your hair looking and feeling beautiful. Find out how to do a bleach bath for your hair in our comprehensive guide. Do you have a question about bleach baths or an experience to share? I find I can get rid of the smell with a clay hair mask with a couple of drops of essential oils like spearmint. You may need to use a darker ash (6A), but I'd recommend starting no darker than a 7A and only using a darker shade if absolutely necessary due to the combination of highlights and lowlights. So I tried another vitamin treatment, and then a bleach bath followed up by well t18. "[However] what makes the soap cap … This time my roots to mid length went a lavender purple. Bright orange can tone to light brown, whilst you should aim for more of a golden orange colour for a result closer to dark blonde. Apply to your hair immediately and take all the precautions you would when dealing with bleach to protect your skin and clothing. Then I would like to do lighter neutral honey highlights. Use an ash dye one level lighter than what you lightened to for a fairly neutral result. Hairdresser, marketer, and dabbler in many things. My bleached and dyed hair needs a breath of fresh air... Just a quick question (removing black dye). When hair is highlighted it will look lighter even though not all of the hair has actually been lightened because it affects the overall level and tone. Wella T18 is only designed to be useful for platinum results, and it contains mostly violet pigment as hair is pale yellow at the point where T18 would be used. Thank you, I love reading through all your advice, really been helpful!! Do you think my hair would take bleaching, or can i use a bleach bath. Also would a purple protein filler added to the bleach mixture be beneficial? I know want to remove the red and go to a golden blonde colour. For a cool-toned result, use ash at the level of your hair. When it comes to the volume of developer, 10 vol or 20 vol are generally used, keeping in mind that the real concentration of peroxide will be significantly lower because of the shampoo added and the water in your hair when you apply the preparation. You can also use a bleach bath if you have eczema to remove any itchiness or irritation by killing the bacteria on your skin. I then did a bleach bath on the rest to reinvigorate my already bleach blonde hair. Anyway, I trust your opinion more than mine on which route to go with from the ones you provided in your reply based on the picture. I've been using Joico 5NRM + 4VR with 15-20 vol. To protect my ends, does slathering coconut oil on them really work?- I tried it once and could not tell a difference, and I have also read its low flash point makes it bad for hair - Otherwise, what do you suggest one does to protect these delicate parts that are gentrified bleachers? I intend on dying blonde after, happy with any shade of blonde (naturally dirty blonde but have had all shades over the years ☺), I bleached my hair 3 weeks ago, hoping to achieve white blonde hair. The crown is more bleached than highlighted due to Dads 'painting' (bless his cotton socks for helping). I found that a bleach wash would help me get my natural hair color back. If not, you can bleach all over until the darkest areas are at least gold, fill with a light gold shade to even the lighter areas up to the same colour, then dye with medium natural blonde or medium ash blonde. Also, as I originally wanted natural color hair with highlights and with the pesky copper coming back through, is it possible to get the caramel highlights I have been wanting?? A common misconception is that bleach can rid your home of … My hair feels so healthy! Remove after 24 hours with soap and water or immediately if irritation occurs. I sort of want a light brown with lighter honey highlights to go a sort of brondish colour. And if I bath bleach the virgin hair, how much will it lighten it? However, it is important to note that the more times you've dyed your hair, and the longer you've left it a darker colour, the less effective dye remover is. SPECIFICALLY of each. Would my roots be able to handle the bleach bath as it will be done on my virgin hair. I been doing deep conditioning with coconut oil and olive oil. If you can't use a colour remover in the near future you might consider using something like one of Adore's blacks over what you currently have which will hopefully cover up the red tones without causing any further damage. It is weaker as a lightener and runnier, but the shampoo helps lift dye out more effectively when lightening dyed hair. I was also wondering if I should use a blue/violet toning shampoo because the light brown part of my hair has a slight reddish tone to it. What brand and color of black dye did you start with? Just like a regular bleach, you shouldn't perform a bleach bath any more than once a week to avoid stressing the hair. I would say it's almost completely black. It starts to look more like a dark purple from level 4 to 5, and brighter purple and violet colours need to be even lighter than that. I am 55 years young and I had grown out all my creamy blonde highlights ( which i used to tone with purple shampoo) over the last 24 months to achieve my own beautiful real silver hair with my natural brown ( number 5) in a classy salt and pepper look that was completely natural. HELP! I just had a look at the picture and it may be a little closer to a level 5. Please help! So it goes light blonde @ roots, then orange, to dark brown with red tints at strands. Any hair that is lighter than this can be dealt with using a natural tone to even it all up to the same depth. I was trying to lighten my hair just a bit, I have level 2 dark brown hair and am trying to dye it dark purple but not completely purple just tinted purple. Long story short I had black hair for about a year and I want to go ash brown for the summer. Would putting coconut oil on the night before bleaching it jelp to protect it a bit from the bleach? It was mostly silver at the front and the towards the back of my head the hair was still quite dark plus some silver strands thoughout. Add about half that amount of bleach mix to the bowl and mix thoroughly. If you have a particular shade in mind, I can give you a better idea of what you need to do to reach it. I felt my dark brown base was still too dark, and wanted my base colour a light brown with hilights, so i used a colour remover x2, but it was still gingery especially at the underneath back. Thank you. As long as you're not working on a strict budget, the dye remover is always a good first step because it breaks down permanent hair dye without causing damage.