This ACDelco fuel filter will protect your engine from dirt, rust, or paint particles that could possibly be present in… 1. When you give a hard time to your engine by using the vehicle too often, the oil gets dirtier as it picks debris, dirt particles or other contaminants. Best Features of Motorcraft FL2016 Oil Filter. Top 3 Models - Best Air Filters for Duramax Diesels Before we get any further, here are the Best Air Filters for Duramax Diesels: ACDelco A3141C Professional Air Filter K&N Engine Air Filter Recommended Communities. Required fields are marked *. Besides, the filter is provided with an anti-drain back valve with much durability to heat and pressure. Oil and filter changes are recommended every 7,500 miles for normal duty usage. With the 3.0L LM2 Duramax diesel maintenance schedule below, you will know when different maintenance tasks need to be completed. 4. Includes: 7 Quarts AC Delco DexosD 0W-20 Light Duty Diesel Engine Oil AC Delco Engine Oil Filter Engine Oil Cross Reference Part Numbers: 19370138, 10-9277 Oil Filter Cross Reference Part Numbers: PF66, 55495105, 19391402 It captures 99 percent of metal particles, carbon, and dirt in oil with the dual-layered media before it passes through the engine. For accurate fit, it is coated with iron, fluted to facilitate removal, and painted to withstand rust. The filtration media is wired-backed cellulose and has a pretty impressive filtration efficiency of 98 % at 25-30 microns. Best features of ACDelco PF2232 Professional Engine Oil Filter. Learn how your comment data is processed. However, once the injector issue is addressed, the LB7 is extremely reliable. The lightw… Top Rated Duramax Diesel Engines Oil Filter Reviews 1# Purolator BOSS Maximum Engine Protection Oil Filter. After the oil reaches operating temperatures, considering the operating pressure of the standard engine oil does not exceed 51psi, for increased durability. Insane Diesel’s EXTREME BYPASS OIL FILTRATION SYSTEMS radically extends the life of diesel and gas engines around the globe. It is undoubtedly one of the best oil filters for Duralax excellent Purolator oil filter, which has generated many fantastic oil filters since its birth. Thus having such qualities, it has gained its position among the best Duralax oil filter. The first one on this list is a synthetic diesel … Parfit PFF50216. 4. This professional oil filter for the engine is designed to meet your fit, form and function expectations. We reviewed many models and came back with the top oil filters for Duramax of all time. They suit your engine better, do more and offer more benefits than other filter brands and fulfil or exceed all OEM warranty specifications and will continue to operate for an extended time. Rotella T4/T5/T6 will work well. The components of the filter are made of high-grade materials. What is the best oil filter for a Duramax? The truth is that each variant of the iconic 6.6L V8 diesel has its strong points. The valve helps to maintain the engine’s supply of oil under extreme cold conditions or when the filter is stuck. In fine, it can be said that all the above-reviewed products are the best oil filters for Duramax. If you own a V8 General Motors product, then replacing your existing filters with this one is never a bad option to consider. OUR TOP PICK: ACDelco TP3018 Professional Fuel Filter with Seals RUNNER-UP: iFJF TP3018 Fuel Filter BEST BUDGET OPTION: iFJF 1R-0750 Fuel Filter BEST 2008 DURAMAX FUEL FILTER: 6.6 Duramax Diesel Fuel Filter with Seals by ATRACYPART BEST 2017 DURAMAX FUEL FILTER: iFJF TP1015 Fuel Filter Baldwin BF781. You just need to go through the article and get the basic ideas of the best oil filter for Duramax diesel engines out of many other filters. 4. Usually, a change of oil and filter is recommended every 5,000 miles, so using this oil filter. Its pressure relief valves help to minimize the likelihood that contaminated oil will return to the engine. The synthetic fibres are highly lightweight and strong, thereby preventing the passage of virtually all contaminants. So, for avoiding such uncalled problem, you need to use the best oil filter for Duramax to run it like a rocket! best oil filter for a Duramax? Use the KandN Performance Gold Oil Filter HP-3003 to protect the engine on your 2001-2019 GM 6.6L Duramax. Furthermore, efficient filter media provides increased ability to collect dirt and capture more engine-harming particles. Our answer: Yes, you can certainly use 5W-40 in winter (and summer) in your Duramax. , If you pursue an oil filter that is reliable, durable, and affordable at a low price, we recommend the Purolator one. Solid steel base plates and housing ensure a tight fit without any distortion and leakage, and if you start your vehicle, a silicone anti-reflux valve guarantees a clean supply of oil. ACDelco PF2232 Oil Filter. The Best Oil … It is an impressive number and makes this filter’s relatively high price worth it. The FILTECH technology and large filter surface give it a great capacity for filtration. For precise fitting and erosion resistance, the case is made of painted steel. On the other hand, among the other filters,  I would highly recommend choosing the Bosch 3323 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter for the best possible value. It keeps the engine of your vehicle just going within a flash! Prev. This oil filter is made to meet expectations for form, fit, and function. 6.6L Duramax engine oil pan drain plug: GM 11569943. 5. WIX Filters – Best Fuel Filter. Sinister Mfg fuel filter for Duramax. 1. You can’t get all the features in one filter, so you certainly need to understand which one to pick as the perfect and best for your vehicles’ engine. And the job is done by the fuel filters. It has a bigger filter area and is capable of filtering more hazardous contaminants than a normal filter. For easy installation and removal, the case is coated with a SureGrip anti-slip texture. 3. Different people need different products, such as some expect the best oil filter for Duramax diesel engine, some are in search of other specifications. For effective filtration and advanced wear protection measures, they use Bosch FILTECH technology, a blend of traditional and industrial-made materials, which makes it one of the best oil filters for Duramax. Thanks to the 100% synthetic micro-glass media, this filter provide 99% efficiency at 25 microns. It will even save you a decent amount of money over the long run. assists in ensuring a clean supply of oil to engine components. These premium aftermarket filters are essential ... 2. It works great for vehicles in tropical countries and those areas with ambient temperatures that are above normal. Best Duramax Fuel Filters Review: 1. 5. Purolator BOSS oil filter is one of the best that you can find... 2# FRAM Ultra Synthetic Spin-On Oil Filter. The pressure relief valve prevents the entry of unfiltered oil into the engine and will maintain a steady supply of oil. FRAM XG7317 Ultra Synthetic Spin-On Oil Filter with SureGrip, ACDelco PF2232 Professional Engine Oil Filter, Purolator ONE Advanced Engine Protection Spin-On Oil Filter, Royal Purple 10-2867 Extended Life Premium Oil Filter, Dodge Ram LED Headlights Reviews & Buying Guide, Best Spark Plug Wires for Chevy 350 with Headers (Reviews & Buying Guide), Best Synthetic Oil for 5.7 Hemi [Top Brand Buying Guide], Best Starters for 7.3 Powerstroke [ Exclusive Reviews And Buying Guide In 2020]. But you don’t need to struggle for that as we have already done the market research for you. The blend media results in an output of 99 percent and up to 10,000 miles. Royal Purple has shown in the extended life oil filter why they continue to be one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to auto-care for all things. How to Remove a Locking Wheel Nut with Spinning Collar. See why changing your filters, fluids, and warming your engine … Features Royal Purple 10-2867 Extended Life Premium Oil Filter. To avoid leaks, a nitrile rubber base gasket, and a silicone anti-drain back valve are used to avoid dry starts. ACEA C3 Stable, stay-in-grade Engine Oil with Mid SAPS-Level, intended for use as catalyst compatible Oil at extended Drain Intervals in Vehicles with all Types of modern Aftertreatment Systems and High Performance Passenger Car & Light Duty Van Gasoline & DI Diesel Engines that are designed to be capable of using Oils with a minimum HTHS Viscosity of 3.5 mPa*s. But the problem is, not all the filters would work well. Features of FRAM XG3717 Ultra Synthetic Spin-On Oil Filter. The shell that houses the filtration system is also extra thick, which will safeguard the internal components from things like road debris and rough weather. Frankly speaking, the Ultra Synthetic Spin-On Oil Filter with SureGrip is of a high standard as well as innovative technology. For 2006 the Duramax 6600 has undergone significant power and refinement upgrades making it deliver class-leading power and torque in Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra. Best Diesel Engine Oil for Turbo. L What? 4. While 15W-40 is suggested as the predominant viscosity for your engine, GM does recommend 5W-40 for temps below -18°C (0°F). It’s versatile, all-season oil that can be used in various diesel engines in moderate climates. 3. The Blue Diamond Outlaw 5W-40 oil is an excellent choice for any enthusiasts who wants to give their engine some of the best oil on the market.Features:Reduces Wear Extends Oil Change Interval Contains Patented FR3 Nano Technology Compares to the following Industry Specs: Caterpillar ECF-1, ECF-2 and ECF-3 Detroit Diesel DDC03K218, DDC93K222 Cummins CES 200081, CES 20086 … All of these are very useful from different angles. 2. It is certainly a higher quality filter than the OEM filter attached to your vehicle. Very easy. You probably have heard the utterance, ‘running like a rocket’ or ‘running like a well-oiled machine’ in many different movies. Even in cold weather, the pressure relief valves maintain the oil supply inside the engine. It all begins just with a high-density synthetic blend media. Some oil filters give better service and some last for a longer period. View on Amazon. It is very challenging for many of you to have the best Duramax oil filter even after using the engine for many years. The one Achilles heel of the LB7 Duramax engine is injector failure. So, you can sense that moving your car that smoothly is never possible without having the engine oiled properly. Moreover, its filtering plates are 42 percent bigger than traditional filters, and the filter channel is nearly 30 percent larger and can screen more dangerous pollutants than standard ones. It has a capable unit which is built to last in the ACDelco professional fuel filter. This extra filter takes some of the oil that has passed through the primary filter so it can have additional cleaning done to it. Best Features of Bosch 3323 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter. DescriptionThe ACDelco PF2232 Professional Engine Oil Filter is the factory replacement oil filter for all Duramax 6.6 diesel engines to date, and is what we at Merchant Automotive recommend.